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Welcome to the new page on our LFFTA Website. Our "Reflections" page allows close friends, family members, and acquaintance to let there stories and feelings be herd about there experiences with Lillette. To have your story heard please email a copy to:


Betty Comora

Lillette is a unique and inspirational lady.  She's my role model and I'm proud to say 'my pal' .    I love her.

We first met when we were on the bill for the Jazz Club's annual "Women in Jazz" type event.  I was new to the area and when this gal named Lillette Jenkins Wisener performed -- she knocked my socks off! 
 Following the performance, I chatted with this tiny, diminutive bundle of talent who had an ego the size of a pea.
  We developed a friendship through swapping funny jazz anecdotes and laughing. I was glad to take her out to clubs, parties, restaurants, etc.  "Let's go out and get into some trouble", she'd say. Her feisty quips were always appreciated.
    I'm so glad there are plans to make a film based on Lillette's life. It should have universal appeal - such as James
McBride's book, "The Color of Water". 
    Lillette was proud to show me the framed picture of her father on her wall.  "My father was a Rabbi", she told me.
I was amazed to see this good looking dark skinned man wearing a Jewish prayer shawl, a yarmulke and holding a religious book.  "He taught Hebrew to young boys in the local Synagogue", Lil said.  She then went on to describe the delicious potato latkes, gefilte fish and matzo balls that her mother made -- having learned from HER friends.  This was all so fascinating. 
 The Gulf Coast Journal PBS series did a wonderful segment with Lillette.  You may be able to see it on WEDU website .   I've shown it to many people - including the audience at the Jazz Club Tribute to Lillette. 
   If I can be helpful in any way with this project, please let me know.

Aima Bey, Storyteller Extraordinaire!

Peace! Greetings to One and All!!!

 Lillette's 90th Birthday Party was a smashing success.  Held in Tampa, Florida on Feb.6, 2014 she was joined by her daughters, granddaughter and a host of friends.  We enjoyed 'THE QUEEN of the KEYS', as she was dubbed by Nat KING' Cole, still tickling the ivories. Still radiant and beaming with JOY, Lillette played some of her favorites for her closest friends and family.  We are thankful to have a legend in the music world still going strong in our family.  Au'Neice, Lillette's daughter, Michele and granddaughter, Tanya also sang with mom and the place was 'jumpin with joy' like  the days at the 'Savoy'! Our prayers are with mom as she moves through this decade and we will continue to give honor to GOD for the legend he has placed in our lives!  Once again, Happy Birthday Lillette Jenkins Wisner, Queen of the Keys!!!